Restore My License

Q: Driver's license restoration - who needs it?
A: You do! If your license has been suspended or revoked, talk to me for a consultation on the next step in restoring your license.

Q: What will it cost me. I've already paid a lot to the state.

A: I charge a flat fee for representing clients at the Secretary of State Driver's License Appeals Division. I will help you collect your documents for the appeal, submit to the DLAD, help you prepare for the questions that will be asked, and appear at the hearing.

Q: What happens if the DLAD denies my request?
A: I will help with your appeal as well - for the same flat fee. The thing is,though, you can't violate the law again, get pulled over, or test positive for anything while this is going on. Because we both know lawyers are great, but no one has a magic wand when it comes to violating the law, and testing positive or getting pulled over will set you back as far as getting your license goes.

So yes, a flat fee will get my representation of you from now until your license is restored, as long as you're not still breaking the law (makes sense!)

Q: What should I do first? I really need my license back.

A: First, get a copy of your driving record from the Secretary of State. It costs $8. Then call me, we will set an appointment to review it together to determine what to do next.